Raccoon Rainbow

Posted by

Bonnie Bahn

Children – Ages 5-10

Raccoon Rainbow is a follow up to a Christmas story featuring the author’s handicapped children, Maria and Tonya. The girls are helped by their cousin from England, Alex. Talking animals include a black and white goat, Blossom; a yellow cat, Prince Elbert; a warty toad; and lots of talking and flying birds and animals. The adventure is based on a magic trip that takes place as the Easter Bunny is preparing Easter baskets to be enjoyed by children everywhere. The Easter Bunny is kidnapped by a mean raccoon, Uncle Alfred. Not only must Maria, Tonya and Alex rescue the Easter Bunny, they have to soothe confused baby bunnies and enlist the help of baby raccoons dyed every color of the rainbow. The book is written for children ages 5 to 10, but can be enjoyed by the whole family. Readers need an open mind and a delight in the possibilities of magic.


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