Kindred Spirits

Posted by

Connie Cockrell

Dystopia – 12+

Alyssa and Kyra are on the move again, and winter is almost upon them. Finding another community is crucial for gaining shelter over the coldest months, and their prayers are soon answered when they come across the Ogonqwa tribe in Ohio.

The two women are wary, given how their last two encounters had fared, but the tribe welcomes them with open arms and it seems the third time’s the charm.

But not all enemies attack from the outside, as Kyra soon learns when her nightmares only keep getting worse. Her skills have prepared her for fighting against visible foes, but what is she to do against the insidious power of old scars?

Alyssa has her own problems to deal with, as her powers grow and lead her down unexpected paths. When certain elements in the tribe take exception to her gift, she might have to step out of Kyra’s protective shadow and stand up for herself if she is to prove her pure intentions to their new hosts.

With winter fast approaching and their position as honored guests of the tribe being challenged, time is quickly running out for Alyssa and Kyra both.


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