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Bonnie Bahn

Children Age 10+

Rumors in the small town of Claxton accuse Suzi Moore’s Uncle Jerry of drug dealing. One of the most vocal accusers is Twila Bowman, 8th grade class vice president.
The murder of Suzi Moore’s Uncle Jerry starts her on a search for his killer.
Bumblefoot, a non-releasable screech owl, shares Suzi’s bedroom. Like other owls, Bumblefoot is telepathic. It takes a lot of tries for her to receive and trust the words and images Bumblefoot projects into her head.
Suzi’s brother Jason is also a volunteer at Tall Trees Rehabilitation Center. His favorite is Hoot, a great horned owl. Sol, a golden eagle, a feisty pair of kestrels, her best friend Chris, and Detective Stewart are part of the team tracking down Uncle Jerry’s killer.
Suzi very much wants to show Twila how wrong her accusations are. By the time their quest is over, Suzi has made a remarkable discovery.

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