Mystery in the Woods

Posted by

Connie Cockrell

/ Mystery – 18+/

Jean and Karen have found another body, this time in the heart of the Arizona National Forest. Jean has learned her lesson, and this time she accords Police Chief Nick White all the respect he deserves.

Even so, she and Karen find themselves drawn to the story of poor Anson Prentiss and the events that led to his disappearance. Where’s the harm in two middle-aged ladies looking around and satisfying their innocent curiosity? And what are the chances that another lethal conspiracy could be swirling under the surface of little old Greyson?

Well, about that…

Caught once again in the crossfire between mysterious figures who would very much prefer their secrets to remain secrets, Jean must stave off multiple dangers as she unravels the web of intrigue that has gripped the town this time. Between illicit affairs, drug dealers and corrupt Army veterans—along with some even darker shadows cast by upstanding members of the community—can Jean reach the right conclusions before she is removed for good?

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