Bonnie Bahn

East VerdeBonnie Bahn is a native of Oregon. After getting her degree from Oregon State University, she raised four children on a ranch in Eastern Oregon. Two of the sisters died when they were 11 years and three months old of a neuromuscular disease called Werdnig Hoffman Syndrome.  Bonnie loves writing magic adventures for and about her special daughters.  Children’s book, Christmas Alligator , is currently available on Amazon.

The ranch where they lived gave her an opportunity to set up and run a licensed wildlife rehabilitation facility. Birds of prey were her favorite. She spent eight years as a wildlife rehabilitator emphasizing birds of prey.  Her first book Bumblefoot, Murder is for the Birds is a middle grade murder mystery set at a wildlife rehabilitation facility.

She has lived in Arizona the past 12 years.  After retiring from the school district, writing has consumed much of her time.  Besides working on more children’s books, she is working on a historical fiction set in Eastern Oregon in the early 1900’s.

Bonnie can be reached at or on Twitter  at bonnie bahn @bahnkers.