Paige Helton

Paige Helton collects tarot decks and esoteric books. She’s a coffee snob, dropper of F-bombs, and loves anyone with a dry, ironic sense of humor. When not ignoring this world in favor of creating an imaginary one, Paige enjoys spending time with her husband, daughters, and menagerie of three dogs, a parrot, a python, and tank of tropical fish. Her interests include criminology, All Things Witchy, photography, and scary movies.

She has two short horror stories published, and professionally writes blog content for businesses. She reads and writes in various genres. Horror and romance are her preference and most of her fiction combines the two. Having lived in a haunted house, ghost stories are a favorite.

Paige grew up in southern Indiana and at heart will always be a Hoosier fan. Currently she resides in the mountains of Northern Arizona.

Book I of The Callaghan Witch Series will be out later this year.


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